Each polygon in this shapefile was created during the georeferencing of its associated aerial photograph. This group of photographs was originally thought to cover the region between Riverside and Yucaipa, California. Georeferencing these photographs determined that only the northernmost portion of Riverside is covered and that the area covered stretches all the way to the Lytle Creek area of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Contains polygons indicating location of each aerial photograph. The index numbers applied to the original photos are used to identify each polygon.

Supplementary Information
Each polygon is given a name for identification; the name is taken from a prominent feature within the photograph being represented. Usually this is a city or town in urban areas, or canyons and waterways for rural areas. The names used here are: (1) Mile High Ranch; (2) Wildwood Canyon; (3) Yucaipa; (4) Lower Yucaipa; (5) Redlands Country Club; (6) San Timoteo Canyon; (7) Reche Canyon; (8) Highgrove; (9) Riverside North; (11) Oak Glen; (12) Potato Canyon; (13) North Bench; (14) Crafton Hills; (15) Redlands East; (16) Redlands; (17) Loma Linda; (18) Colton; (19) Rialto South; (20) Mill Creek; (21) Mentone; (22) Redlands Airport; (23) East Highlands; (24) San Bernardino Airport; (25) San Bernardino South; (26) Rialto North; (27) Alder Creek; (28) Highland; (29) Patton; (30) San Bernardino; (31) Lytle Creek Wash; (32) Miro Field; (33) City Creek; (34) Del Rosa; (35) San Bernardino North; (36) Muscoy; (37) Verdemont Ranch; (39) Waterman Canyon; (40) Devil's Canyon; (41) Verdemont; (42) Glen Helen; (44) Valley of Enchantment; (45) Cedarpines Park; (46) Devore; (47) Lytle Creek Ridge. Note: there are no photographs numbered 10, 38 or 43.

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